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Renata França Method


Brazilian Lymphatic Drainage Massage

Brazilian lymphatic drainage massage, Jersey, by using the Renata Franca method offers a safe and effective approach for cleansing your body. The lymphatic drainage massage is aimed at stimulating the functions of the lymphatic system in order to eliminate harmful toxins accumulated in the blood and other tissues. The natural cleansing effect of Brazilian Lymphatic Drainage Massage would bring about a remarkable improvement in your general health as well as your skin complexion. Brazilian lymphatic massage, Jersey, refers to a form of massage that involves stimulating the lymphatic drainage system of the body for the removal of toxins and excess fluids. This therapy is specifically suitable for eliminating excess body fluids that tend to get accumulated in the deeper tissues of the skin and muscles. During lymphatic drainage massage, the physician provides gentle stimulation of the deep tissues to stimulate the lymph vessels and blood vessels in the part to help them carry away the harmful toxins and by-products more efficiently. This is expected to restore the natural functions of the skin making it more vibrant and younger. It is a gentle massage therapy that can provide several benefits such as reducing excess fluid retention while accentuating the body curves. It also offers a safe and effective option for patients with cellulite. It would support the efficient removal of fluids retained in the body tissues through the lymphatic vessels and relieve the symptoms of this condition.